A Modern English Garden in Highgate

//A Modern English Garden in Highgate
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Project Description

Existing– A medium sized garden that was dull, green and uninspiring. A terrace of cheap concrete paving lead onto a sloping lawn that backed onto a nursery school. It faced to the south east but was overshadowed by trees and dominated by boring planting. Dull design made the garden seem far smaller than it was. The beds were infested with bindweed.

Brief – The clients, a young, professional couple, wanted a garden with a larger area for entertaining near the house. A lawn was a must, as was lush planting with an English cottage garden feel. A new shed should be included, but well hidden from view.

Solution – This design is based on a geometry of interlocking rectangles and circles.

A substantial terrace of blue, limestone cobbles surrounds the house, providing plenty of room for entertaining. An oak bench provides seating for the new table and is built into a new raised bed which separates the terrace from the rest of the garden (the rendered walls are painted a subtle off white to match the kitchen colour scheme). An oak and stainless steel pergola covers the area in front of the siting room and supports climbing Star Jasmine, Rose and Passionflower.

Wide and shallow oak steps lead down to the generous lawn, with hidden metal edging for ease of maintenance. A smaller area of paving gives a secure base for occasional barbecuing in the summer.

The lawn is surrounded by generous beds filled with lush, colourful planting and a good proportion of evergreens for winter interest. Plants include white Peony, purple Salvia, blue Lavender, bronze grasses, blue Geranium and grey Lamb’s Ears. Structure comes from shrubs such as clipped Box balls, shrub Roses, Rosemary and a large Euphorbia. A Snowy Mespilus and flowering Dogwood give height.

The shed and utility area are hidden in the lowest corner of the garden behind a beautiful slatted screen of narrow, planed oak boards.

This is a good example of how a well considered design with a structural framework of strong geometry can be softened and complemented by good planting to create a strikingly successful garden with a mix of modern and traditional elements.

Designed by Jeremy Bevan
Built in 2009
Budget approx £27000

Project Details