Small Family Garden in Stroud Green with circular lawn and sandstone paving

//Small Family Garden in Stroud Green with circular lawn and sandstone paving
Small Family Garden in Stroud Green with circular lawn and sandstone paving2019-01-12T12:58:26+00:00

Project Description

Jeremy and his team have transformed our garden, and we are absolutely delighted. Jeremy listened to what we wanted, and came up with a splendid design which we were pleased to approve. He and his team worked hard to achieve the end result. Jeremy’s team, especially Andy and Alex, were with us for a while, all the time being hardworking, friendly, polite, trustworthy and very approachable. It’s been a real pleasure working with Jeremy Bevan Gardens  to get our garden just the way we wanted it.We have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy and his team.”
Selena and Alan C.  Stroud Green London N4

Existing– This small garden was paved with cheap concrete slabs and dominated by an old shed built wall to wall across the back boundary. It backed on to the wooded embankment of the Parkland Walk and faced southwest so got a lot of natural light near the house but very little towards the end of the garden.

Brief – The clients, a couple with a young daughter, wanted an interesting garden with room for seating, lawn and plants, a swing, sandpit and washing line.

Solution – This garden needed a lot of thought to come up with a strong, geometric design which fitted many elements into a cohesive, working and attractive whole.

Immediately outside the kitchen door a large area of Indian sandstone paving is set at an angle of 45 degrees to the house. This cuts into a circualr lawn, beyond which are a small area of sandstone block pavers for a bench, a sunken, covered sandpit and a small swing.

Beside the house an arc of block pavers curves below a triangular pergola, towards more paving set at an acute angle leadfing to the access to the front garden.

The lawn is surrounded by generous beds filled with planting with lots of evergreens for winter interest. Plants include Miscanthus grass, purple Salvia, blue Geranium, purple Heuchera, pink Verbena, red Crocosmia and bronze Helenium. In the shady beds at the end of the garden are ferns, Tiarella, Japanese Anemones and Foxgloves. A Coral Bark Maple grows behing the end seating area. The walls and fences are clothed with Honeysuckle, Clematis, Roses, Passinlfower, Star Jasmine and Chocolate Vine.

This garden shows how a strong design can transform a dull space into an interesting garden, with several different elements working together to create an attractive whole.

Designed by Jeremy Bevan
Built in 2012
Budget approx £15000

Project Details