Small Paved Front Garden in Harringay

//Small Paved Front Garden in Harringay
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Project Description

“Having found a number of recommendations for Jeremy Bevan Gardens, his team have recently done some work for me – a general tidy-up of my back garden and a complete overhaul of the front.  I was really pleased with both jobs.  The team were very pleasant, efficient and tidy and I’m thrilled with the design and finish of the front garden in particular.”
Natalie M  Harringay  London  N4

Existing– This small front garden just off Green Lanes was a messy, dank space overgrown with weeds. The main surface was soil with a narrow strip of concrete against the house. The brick dustbin shelter was redundant as it was too small for wheelie bins and the fence beside the path was falling down. It was in dire need of a makeover.

Brief – The clients, a couple with young children, wanted a simple, usable front garden with a practical surface, some planting beds, a secure bike stand and space for wheeliee and recycling bins. Everything had to be done within a tight budget.

Solution – This simple design shows how a dismal and unpleasant front area can be transformed into a smart and practical garden.

The old, brick bin store was partially knocked down and adapted to form a screening wall with the bins beside the path for easy access from house and street. The garden was paved with mixed sized slate slabs set into a blend of Scottish cobbles.
Low raised beds were created with new red bricks to match the house with a small bed beside the front door for a climber to grow on the house. A low slatted timber fence divided the front path from the neighbours garden and an evergreen hedge of Cotoneaster lacteus was planted to form a screen against the front boundary wall.

Finally a galvanised steel bicycle stand was installed.

This project shows how even a small and unpromising space can be turned into an attractive garden costing spending a fortune.

Designed by Jeremy Bevan
Built in 2012
Budget approx £2500

Project Details

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